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I am back at sea, this time we are heading towards west of Ireland, seeking blue whiting and doing a couple of deep sea trawls. We will have a blog up and running again this year, i.e. you have something to read every day and do not forget to post comments… and Sven Gastauer and Kees Bakker will join the Dutch part of this years blue whiting acoustic survey in spring 2012. 19 March – 13 April 2012 On this site you can follow the Ship Blog: ShipBlog The cruise track covered by the Dutch research vessel Tridens II is given in orange on the map below. It represents the EU part of an internationally coordinated effort to estimate the size of the blue whiting stock west of the British Isles. The area will be surveyed on a systematic, predefined cruise track. During the survey we continuously send out vertical sound waves through the water and collect acoustic backscatter data. We can visualise these data in a so-called ‘echogram’ – essentially a 2-dimensional slice through the water column. Once we have completed the survey of the area, we combine all the echo energy that was reflected by blue whiting and convert it into fish numbers and weight. Yesterday morning we left the port of Scheveningen (Den Haag)at around 11 o’clock with very good weather. Since then we are steaming towards Ireland, with the wind in the back we can go quite fast and we expect to arrive in Galway around lunchtime tomorrow morning. This afternoon we left the channels, so we entered the “real” oceans and experience some first waves, but the weather is still quite good .

The plan is to calibrate our echosounders in the Galway Bay on arrival tomorrow after lunch. Probably we will then step on shore on Friday morning and lay in the harbor for the weekend. The survey itself will start on Monday morning some miles off the coast. At around 7 we should be able to leave the bay with the high tide.


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Alles Guddes 2011

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