Sven Gastauer nous livre ses impressions de son séjour en Australie

Régulièrement Sven nous fait partager ses impressions de son séjour en Australie

Pour plus d’info photos et vidéos cliquez sur le blog de Sven Gastauer

Voici une sélection de ses derniers posts qui donnent envie d’y aller ………….



Bottom recordings – Still images

While I am mainly concerned with the recordings of multibeam acoustic data, sometimes I do have a look over the shoulders of the guys doing the video recordings of the bottom. One of the difficulties are the strong bottom currents,… Continue Reading

bottom-1-of-59  bottom-59-of-59


Onshore for 1.5 hours

Today, there was a crew changeover onboard. 2 of the scientists onboard flew out, getting picked up by a chopper  on a beach close to where we were. Together with some other people participating on this cruise, I used the… Continue Reading



Camden Sound – Seabed Biodiversity

Currently I am on board of the RV SOLANDER, one of AIMS’ (Australian Institute for Marine Research) vessels for a Seabed Biodiversity survey in the Camden sound area. Goal of the project is to, as the cruise title might suggest,… Continue Reading





More fishing

Prior to the trip I am at right now, I have had another trip with Carolina M fishing in Zone A of the NDSF area. During the trip I collected a few more samples to be scanned in the CT… Continue Reading




Target strength modelling – Part I

In technical terms target strength as it is referred to here, is the length dependent logarithmic form of the backscattering coefficient, generally expressed as TS = 20* log (L) + c or TS = b * log(L)+c [dB re m2].… Continue Reading





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